Presenting The Talented Performers Who Will Be Appearing in the South Jersey Talent Showcase in June:

The first round of the South Jersey Talent Showcase was a huge hit! Incredible performances to a packed house. Congratulations to those selected to move on to the final round on June 26th. The talented musical performers advancing to the final round are Ben Clayton, Dynasty Marie and Anthony Disciascio. The outrageously funny comics advancing are Chris Librizzi l and the maniac Joe Ardenti. Don’t miss our next show on June 12th – tickets are available online on the link right below. “Be Heard.”


June 12th: Albino Goldfish, Whiskey Danger Heartache, Yuni Sabatino, Paul Mazza, Position 9, JIggy Feldman, Ryan Martin, Robert Rule, Kevin Carney

To purchase tickets for Week 2, June 12, 2013 use this link


June 19th:  Pocket Aces, Argo, Willson Wong, Caesar, Nick Ameen, The Only Way

To purchase tickets for Week 3, June 19, 2013 use this link

June 26th: Performers will be the top 3 musical acts from each of the previous shows and a total of 4 comedy acts as determined  by our judges. This WILL be a GREAT SHOW!

To purchase tickets for the Finals, June 26, 2013 use this link.

We love the Performing Arts and want to see talented people stand up, be heard and be seen. We promote the presentation of a wide range of talent including:

All of the talent that will appear in the Talent Showcase are selected from performers in Open Minded Mic events. This showcase is the best of the best and if you make it, you can compete for some incredible prizes including recording studio time, having your act air on radio, and much more.
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Talent Showcase

Some benefits to performing at Open Minded Mic Nights:

  1. We record shows and your work can be heard on our web site
  2. We offer confidential, positive feedback. This isn’t American Idol® and we’re not trying to be that. We don’t judge or criticize publicly but give you candid, constructive feedback to improve your performance
  3. We’ll solve technical problems, help with instruments, lend you one if needed provide musical backup
  4. By performing at Open Minded Mic events you may qualify to appear in our Talent Showcase where you can compete to win studio recording time, have your work played on the radio, and be reviewed by talent scouts.
  5. We can show you how to copyright work, submit work for professional review, and potentially sell your work.
  6. WE have FUN so our performers have FUN too

We work hard to match performers to the venue. Here’s a brief description of what we’re looking for. But, if you’d like to step up to the mic and don’t see your talent listed here, let us know.


You write, compose, sing and play out of love, but you’d also love to earn some money for the effort. In order to sell your work, people have to hear it first and this is a great place to start.     Back to Top




Great voices, interesting voices, funny voices, emotionally rich voices, technically precise voices all have an important place in our society and on our stage. Whether it’s “Old Man River” or an interpretation of a Ronan Keating song, step up to the mic and let’s hear it!     Back to Top



We have a great big warm spot in our hearts for those who have spent the time and energy to develop the knowledge, physical skill and heart and soul to let their instrument do the talking. Whether you play jazz, classical, rock, country, blues, or any other style, you add so much to our shows. Step up and get groovin’.     Back to Top

Standup Comics”


We love to laugh and we love comics that can really enhance an evening of entertainment. A word of caution to potential comics: we love watching Gallagher, but the places we perform can’t tolerate smashing watermelons or milk cartons. And as much as we enjoy comics who had funny, but R-rated acts it just won’t work in every venue. Contact us for more details.
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Why not? This is a great and ancient tradition and there are people who can bring poetry to life, or tell a story with conviction and intrigue. Take center stage and be prepared to shock people with the experience.     Back to Top



When room permits, we love putting dancers on the stage. Like the other forms of performing arts we love diversity. Jazz, hip-hop, ballet, Korean folk dancing, whatever. Check with us to see if there’s room for this, but if there is, we’d love to have you join us.     Back to Top



Magic can be thrilling and inspiring. If you are an aspiring magician or a dedicated amateur, take this opportunity to “wow” the crowd. Contact us to assure the suitability of your act to the venue.     Back to Top

Puppet Acts


Another great traditional form of entertainment that needs a place to perform and now you have it. Puppets, muppets, marionettes, ventriloquists are all welcome. Contact us to ensure the suitability of your act to the venue.     Back to Top

Classical Musicians


String quartets, soloists, classical guitarists and other classical musical performers can add so much depth to an evening and really enlighten and entertain an audience. These artists work hard and deserve a special spot and on our stage, we have that spot.     Back to Top

If you have a talent and we didn’t mention it, let us know!


To register, call us at 609-788-3958 or send an email to Each show has a limited number of acts. All performers must register in advance in order to reserve your time on stage.

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