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Partners & Sponsors

Magik Flute Weddings provides exquisite music that makes a wedding more beautiful and memorable. Featuring the incomparable flute of Geri Rizzo with a selection of highly skilled musicians that can include a harpist, pianist, guitarist or classical guitarist or orchestral strings. Find out more by clicking on this link

HOCOA Southern NJ
HOCOA is a sponsor of Open Minded Mic events and the best way we know to find a qualified, insured, professional contractor for any type of home repair or home improvement project. Check them out.
Foundation Fighting Blindness
Yes, a partner. The FFB is a world leader in funding and organizing research to cure eye diseases that were thought incurable 20 years ago. They’ve made tremendous progress but the job isn’t done. Please visit our fundraising page as part of the VisionNation Campaign and donate what you can. It make a difference; a huge different. You can go to Fight Blindness and search for Open Minded Mic to access our donation page or go to our home page and click on the banner for VisionNation and that will take you to the page. Please support this initiative. No donation is too small.
The National Breast Cancer Foundation
The National Breast Cancer Foundation is committed to helping women struggling with breast cancer, supporting services for women with breast cancer, providing mammograms to women who can’t afford them, education and research. We can’t think of a family who hasn’t been touched by cancer. We need better treatments; we need a cure and we can get there. Please visit our fundraising page for the NBCF.
Karen Cohen of Kelise Galleries
KC is a magnificent artist. Visit her site and be prepared to be awed. Her prints are  for sale at this site.
Ideal Image Designs, LLC
Did you notice how beautiful this web site is? We’re musicians, we didn’t do it – Ideal Image Designs did and we couldn’t have a higher recommendation for any service we’ve ever used.
Maynard’s Café Facebook Page
Maynard’s in Margate City,NJ is one of our favorite places to perform and also one of our favorite places to unwind, have fun and relax. Casual, upbeat and totally unique.
Atlantic City Ballet
Ballet? Yes, we do not live by Rock alone! Forget what you’ve heard or thought about ballet: go see it. It’s spectacular.
Jeff Babicz Guitars
Jeff Babicz and Jeff Carano are innovative guitar makers and designers. The name Babicz Guitars isn’t a household name, but for great acoustic-electric guitars they’re worthy of a good look.
The Free Meal Center: One of the most compassionate and progressive programs that provides nutritious meals for low income people and families, no income people and families or those on a fixed income. The center also plans to offer weekend meals for kids, tutoring, health education and screening and many other essential services. 100% of all funds raised go directly to the program and at Open Minded Mic, we’re proud to support this extraordinary effort. Visit them at to learn more and make a secure donation.
Online Macular Degeneration Screening Test
A MUST for all of us to do this test! The test is simple, takes a few seconds and can detect early stages of macular degeneration. The best news is macular degeneration is treatable is caught early. Take the test!

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Yuni Sabatinois a wonderful, young performer with enormous potential. Yuni combines a glorious voice with excellent musicianship and superb, interesting songwriting. We love having her here and you’ll love hearing her sing. Visit her at:

Marty K is one of our regulars and brings musical experience, singer-songwriter energy, and a soft blues and country feel to our programs. You can catch him on Marty Kozakowski’s Youtube Channel

Rebecca Nell is an amazingly talented performer who combines an exquisite voice, with superb musicianship, engaging stage presence and distinct style when performing her original compositions and covers. She is an emerging talent with incredible potential. We want to help Rebecca get her career flying and you can help too. You can visit Rebecca’s web page at or click on the link to go to Rebecca’s Kickstarter page. 

The Backyard Pigeons Facebook page…!/pages/The-Backyard-Pigeons/168587346560476

The Pocket Aces are our good friends Tony & Dan. They have a duo and a band and dare to sing some of the most interesting and complex contemporary music out there. You can find them in three places on the web: tthese two URLs and at in the recording section. Here are the links  and

Once By The Atlantic  hasn’t appeared in an Open Minded Mic event but they are a young and exceptionally talented group and worth a listen or get off the couch and go see them when they come to your area. When I (Prof. Dave) worked in a high school, their lead guitarist Micke Spadafora played in a rock band I directed: he was brilliant then  and even better now. Check them out Back to top

Joey McGowan is a veteran singer-songwriter and storyteller as well as an advocate for the performing arts. We love having Joe perform at our shows (along with his beautiful Adamas Acoustic-Electric Guitar!) and suggest you check out his video

Rudy Reel: is an engaging performer who blends his skills as a magician with a wonderful, bright sense of humor. A wonderful entertainer and a valued member of the Open Minded Mic family. You can find out more about Rudy on his web page 

Ewan Dobson: John and I have seen many great guitarists in our time from Carlos Santana to Chet Atkins. In our opinion, this man ranks right up there with the best we’ve ever seen. You can find his recording on CD or as MP3 downloads on (click on the link above to get there) or his web page. Listen to his guitar wizardry and if you have the chance, see him perform. It was fantastic to have him perform at our Open Minded Mic event at Maynard’s Café. Simply incredible.

Star Barkman of Star Laraine & Co.  This wonderfully talented artist, singer, songwriter and musician is a solid performer and a fountain of creativity. Her name really is “Star” – born on Christmas Day. Check out her artwork and music at

Magic Flute Weddings with Geri Rizzo will add unmatched eloquence and beauty to the very special event. Geri is an incredibly gifted flutist and vocalist who will provide a unique sound and memory to the wedding. By all means check out her web page and samples of her masterful flute playing.


Sites of Interest

These are YOUTUBE Links from performences at Open Minded Mic Shows. Some were recorded by us and some were contributed. Thanks to the performers and the contributors.

Ewan Dobson

  • Ewan Dobson is a world class guitarist who appeared at our shows on Januray 26th and February 2nd 2012. Check this out and be amazed:
  • Broken Bicycle (by Leo Kottke) We produce, organize and present programs where talent has the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. What makes our program unique are the range of presentations, expert coaching, potential to perform in large events and showcases,
  • Paganini’s Hip: This was videod at our Open Minded Mic event on January 26th at Maynard’s Cafe (incredibly use of harmonics)

Caeser Vesara is an amazing entertainer and offers a good taste of his unique songwriting style. Check out these Youtube videos from Open Minded Mic’s 2/2/12 show. What a cool performer.

Maureen Ritzel is a very beautiful and very talented performer. She performed at our Open Minded Mic Fundraiser in Stone Harbor on 11/2/11. Great performance, check it out.

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