Why I’m Not Running For President In 2012

Why I’m Not Running For President In 2012

I made a firm decision and I’m absolutely not running for the office of President of the United States in 2012. I’ll sit this one out, make some popcorn and be a witness to presidential campaigns that are both dirty and boring. But, since I’m officially not a candidate, I feel it’s time that I revealed my true feelings, beliefs and platforms. The things I simply couldn’t reveal if I was actually running for office.

Gay and Lesbian Marriage: Marriage is a legal (as in “a matter of law”) contract between two consenting people who have the legal (as in “a matter of law”) capacity (as in over 18, competent) to enter into a contract. It may also be a religious state, but doesn’t have to be. You can be married by a member of the clergy or just file the proper paperwork at town hall. It’s you choice. The word “choice” is meaningful.

Free people have choice, oppressed people don’t. On this point, I agree with former Vice-President Dick Cheney who believes same sex marriage should be permitted because, in his words “Free is free.” Well spoken Mr. Former V.P. Of course he has someone in his immediate family who is directly affected by this standard and that may explain his departure from his otherwise staunch support of every other extremely conservative platform and his words may have the scent of hypocrisy. As for me, I don’t have anyone in my immediate family who is gay or lesbian and I completely agree with him: free is free.

I know many gay and lesbian adults who are fine, moral, conscientious, good hearted, generous, law abiding folks, and if they wish to enter a legal union, it’s their business. I also know some mean-spirited, cheating, lying, son-of-a-bitch heterosexuals who are completely entitled to marry simply because of sexual orientation. Here’s my point: if I don’t like gay or lesbian marriage, then I don’t have to do it. Whether Gay, Lesbian or Heterosexual, I think we all need to abide by a wise old truism: do what you want just don’t do it in the street and scare the horses.

I support Gay and Lesbian marriage. This isn’t about majority rules: a basic measure of fair is reverse the deal, and is it still fair?  If Gay and Lesbian citizens were in the majority, would it be fair for them to not allow heterosexual couples to marry? This debate is mired in an old bias and it’s time to get past it. As the comedian Robert Klein commented, “if they want to be miserable like the rest of us, we should let them.”

Do I endorse Romney’s “Give The Wealthiest Corporations Tax Breaks So They’ll Create Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” or Obama’s “Tax The Bastards And Get Money Flowing Through The Economy.”

They both suck. I seriously doubt lowering the tax rate on the wealthiest corporations and people will cause them to hire any more people. Corporations don’t hire people because they have extra money sitting around Mitt: they hire people because they need people to do jobs. Right now, there is the much heralded GE having a profit of $16 billion and paying no taxes. According to The Bloomberg Report Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant makes most of its profits in the U.S.A. but diverts the money overseas to avoid taxation, quite legally.

Don’t give them a tax break so they CAN hire people, perhaps give them a tax break when the DO hire people. Maybe, for all new employees added in 2013, no corporate payroll tax on those folks for the next five years. Or ten, I don’t care, we’ll get taxes from the working employees. It’s a good deal.

So what about raising taxes on the wealthy to get the money in the hands of the government for a wonderful redistribution of the wealth. This is the Robin Hood approach to economic salvation. Steal from the rich, give to the poor. While I’m on the subject, I like Kevin Costner a lot but he was awful as Robin Hood.  If the taxes go up so will the deductions, special interest grants and manipulations.

Both approaches are rancid. Since I’m not running and not concerned that the two parties won’t support my ideas I believe in simplification of the tax codes, lower tax rates and get rid of nifty deductions, especially things like the oil depletion allowance – they have a huge incentive to drill it’s called usurious profits, and permit very limited, totally verifiable deductions. For these corporations diverting money overseas, as well as jobs, if you sell it here, you pay taxes here. If you export American jobs to boost your bonus, you will pay for that practice. President Obama once commented that even though our corporate tax rate is the highest in the world, after deductions it’s not even close. He’s correct: so why are we playing games by having that high tax rate, lower it and collect the revenues so the burden doesn’t fall squarely on what remains of the middle class.

Politicians love to pretend that manipulating the tax codes is a path to prosperity. They are wrong. I can impede prosperity if it’s too high, and cause unfair distribution of the burden of running a complex government it it’s too low. What creates prosperity is invention, creation of new industries and activities and as a consequence, jobs are also created. When jobs are created, pay checks get bigger because employees become more valuable. Wealthy people aren’t going to give up being wealthy if the taxes are a bit higher for them and it likely own’t impact their lifestyle. Balance and fairness is a good standard and one that we’re light years away from achieving.

Enough straight talk for today or as Rush Lumbaugh loves to say “the way it outta’  be.” While I’m on the subject, I think we should conduct an experiment where Rush Lumbaugh and Rev. Jeremiah Wright will be placed together on an uninhabited island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for forty years, with no means to communicate with the outside world. Then, after 40 years, we’ll visit the island and see if both are still talking. Or If either is, we’ll consider the experiment a failure.

That’s it for today. I can only take so much candor at a time. Tomorrow I’ll offer my stand on gun control, energy, social security, the Veteran’s Administration and whether Kevin Costner should have learned how to speak with a British accent before attempting the role of Robin Hood.

Let me hear from you. As long as you’re not disgusting or foul in a reply to this blog, I’ll post it. Thanks for reading, let me hear from you. Prof. Dave

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Running For President In 2012

  1. On the subject of gay marrage, Prof. Dave you are absolutly correct, it is a nonreligiuos contract. Any of you who don’t believe that, try to get out with the aid of your minister insted of a lawyer. The marrage contract is in place simply to protect the rights of the indaviduals engaged in said contract. The rights include but are in no way limited to; custody of children, ownership of property, etc. I don’t believe that this government or any other has or should have the right to impede this basic freedom. Furthur, the marrage contract is not a secred tenet of any particular religion. It is a custom that has been practised worldwide for malinia. It has been practised by people, which means any variation on this theme you can imagine…….it’s been done.
    People are going to do what they do, and no law will stop that. I believe we have enough to worry about with behaivior that acually does affect others.

    On the economy; prosperity is not going to come from tax breaks to this one or that one. If we were to eliminate taxes for the middle class entirely it would not spur us on to prosperity. The fact of the matter is we need to increase production of export goods.
    At The end of the Bush adminastration, the largest export from our great country was scrap paper. In other words, you buy a TV from Japan, and sell back the box it came in. It dosn’t take to much thought to figure out that this sanario can’t be sustained very long without running up massive debt. We need to compete in the world market from a much stronger position. I don’t see how that is going to be possible in the very near future as the cost of higher education gets furthur and furthur out of reach for the average person. In my lifetime I’ve seen this country lose its hold on the electronics industry, lose its position in the automotive industry and even lose on oil and gas production. Our ace in the hole has always been the USs tradition of inovation.
    I’m afraid our education system may be letting us down on that count as well.

    • Thanks for your comments and I’m going to let them stand on their own because they are quite capable of doing that. Our country has a history of basing “rights” on majority. It took us 146 years to grant women the right to vote, it was biterrly contested, consdiered immoral in the cult of domesticity that existed, unnecessary and now it’s accepted as obvious. Women have to obey the same laws, pay the same taxes, they should have a say in their representation. Makes sense? The Supreme Court in the 1870′s didn’t think so.
      Our African – American citizens can reflrect on centuries of slavery and another century of institutionalized abuse, violence and being deprived of basic rights. Bias still exists but at least the laws are on the right side and no politician in his or her right mind would suggest we go back to the days when bogotry, ignorance and fear guided our policies.
      Back to same sex marriage: in a free country, since when is an individual’s rights only granted if it complies with the majority opinion? Our political system is corrupted by appealing to votes by manipulating such opinion and catering to it. Just as in the past, our policies are being driven by bias, ignorance and fear, and the end result is unfairness and deprivaotin of rights.
      On the economic front, I think discarded paper is about to become lower on our export list: watch what we start doing with discarded tires. There are billions of them lining the border between the U.S.a nd Mexico. WE need to invent and produce our way out of this economic mess, not look to the politicians of either party to lead the way. They can’t. They don’t know how.
      Thanks again for ryour comments. Prof. Dave