Doing Some Online Guitar & Bass Bargain Hunting & Shopping For You

Doing Some Online Guitar & Bass Bargain Hunting & Shopping For You

I spent a little time going through the web to locate some exceptional bargains on guitars, basses and gear that I think are great to own. If you’ve kept up with my blogs, you know my feeling that there’s a lot of great instruments out  there, and some junk too. I like a lot of brands, and like all of you, have my favorites. Here’s a quick look at what’s sitting out there that’ll get you what you want at a great price. If you see a bargain, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

For some of these deals, they’ll show you a sales price with a slash through it and instruct you to “add to cart” in order to find out the final price. This isn’t done to trick you; it’s done to trick competitors. These web pages are being scanned, crawled and examined constantly, and you have want to offer a unique, competitive deal, if you have it appear in the cart, that’s secure and not available for scan or discovery. If you don’t want the item you can either delete it form the cart or simply don’t place the order. I’d delete it personally.

My first stop was at Sweetwater ( a good, dependable vendor with a great inventory and selection. These are the items I found there that I think represent a outstanding deal.

They have Gibson SG Standard (Lefty) in Vintage Cherry (no surprise on the color) for only $1199.99. The SG has been around a long time and withstood the test of time. An American made Gibson certainly costs a lot more than a similar SG in Gibson’s import brand Epiphone. But for true quality and enduring value, it’s no contest. This is a great guitar.

There’s Fender American Special Strat in the clearance area too with HSS pickups for only $799.99. This is another legendary guitar at a great price.

I have a high regard for Takamine instruments, and like Ibanez, they sell instruments in a wide spectrum of sizes, construction and options. And like Ibaniez, they mostly use Alpha-Numeric Coding to identity the instrument. This particular offering is a beautiful acoustic-electric, the Takamine EF381SC Acoustic-Electric and at $1249.99, it’s a wonderful deal.

Looking for a great starter bass at a modest price? Consider the Peavey Millennium Bass 4 BXP. While Epiphones, Squiers, and fancy Deans and B.C. Rich basses are out there in abundance, the Peavey delivers on sound, playability and quality. For a low priced bass it’s terrific and at $215.99, it’s a steal.

Kala Ubass (Ukulele size REAL Bass) 4 string. Solid Acacia is going for $585.99. The acacia is beautiful wood and normally sells for $625 – $650. A lower priced option, and still beautiful is the Kala all mahogany Ubass which I see for around $500 – $550 range. If you just want the sound, which is a surprisingly good bass sound from such a small acoustic-electric, you can get one with a solid spruce top for $400 – $440, although I’ve seen them new, with a gig bag for $349 on ebay.

At the high end of the guitar buying spectrum, they’re offering a PRS DC3 Electric Guitar for only  $1779.00, which is a great price for this guitar. PRS guitars are beautifully made, awesome sounding and exceptionally high quality.

Musicians Buy (

This online source of guitars, basses and gears has become one of my favorites. Good service, knowledgeable staff and very low prices, even before the stuff gets to a closeout. They don’t have a huge variety of brands that we’re accustomed to seeing online, but they do have great stuff, and again at great prices. Here are some great deals that I found on their site.

They have a Laravee L05E with a hardshell case for an incredible $1750.00. Many folks, especially in the eastern U.S., aren’t familiar with Laravee; if you’re a guitarist, you should be. They make exceptional guitars, this is one of my favorite models and I haven’t seen it offered at anywhere near to this price.

I really like what Godin produces and the Godin 5th Avenue CW Kingpin Natural is a classic semi-hollow electric guitar. At $788.00, it’s an amazing value too. This is such a smooth playing guitar, it’s easy to love it.

Godin A4 Semi-Acoustic Bass, is an item I’ve reviewed, now own and love. There is a fretted 4 string version available here for only $688. That’s literally hundreds less than anywhere else I’ve seen.

A final item that got my attention is a VERY nice Traynor YCV80 amp for only $688.00. I say “only” because this is a powerhouse, top line amp and that’s a great price for this item.

Alto Music (

Alto Music is a very fine music store in Armonk, New York. They have an excellent selection, do a fine job at setting up items they sell and enjoy a well-deserved good reputation for competitive pricing and great service. They have a couple of used items in the “Blowout Deals” section that got my attention.

Yes, I do like Peavey produces and the used Peavey Woldgang Flametop Electric in trans red with case for $999.99 is a terrific price on a high end Peavey. I’m usually a little reluctant to buy a used guitar or bass online, but not from these guys. They’re great to work with.

There’s also a used Ibanez JS1200 Joe Santirani Electric Guitar candy apple red with a case for $1199.99.  At the pricier end of the guitar buying universe, Ibanez has some entries and they compare very well with similarly priced competitors. This is a very good deal.

Guitar Center (

Guitar Center is a huge online resource with an enormous retail store presence to support the sales effort. They have an arsenal of used and closeout guitars, basses and equipment and their pricing is right in line with everyone else’s or perhaps, better said, it might be one of the authors of that line. If you’re willing to sift through quite a bit of inventory, there are some unusual bargains. Here are the gems that I found.

The Music Man StingRay is HOT. Great design, feel and electronics make this one of the most prized basses out there. There’s a Music Man StingRay Humbucker / Piezo pickup in Sapphire Black (it’s a “blem” but big deal, so am I) and it’s being sold as used for $1476.83. Very tempting.

I love Martin Guitars and the Aura series is awesome. GC has a Martin JC-16RE Aura Acoustic-Electric Blem for $2299.99. My advice is accept the blem and save a few hundred dollars.

If you’re looking for a low priced, good quality acoustic-electric consider Hohner. I think the Hohner Essential Plus Mini Jumbo Acoustic– Electric Guitar is a great example of what I’m talking about and for only $349.00, it’s an excellent buy.

American Musical Supply (

This is a high quality online dealer and you can get to them by clicking on the banner ad on this page, or other pages on this site. Yes, they are my only musical instrument supplier mentioned in this blog who is a direct affiliate. They aren’t the biggest with every brand under the sun available, but their pricing is consistently as good as, or better than anyone else’s. The service eis amazing. Orders are filled and shpped extremely quickly, returns are handled promptly and they do what they promise. They have an “Outlet Zone” on their site, and it’s one of the best resources out there for a musical instrument and equipment bargain hunter.

They have a Schecter C1 Hellraiser Electric for an amazing $549.95. This is a high end performer with a very low price tag. Good deal.

Here’s another superb deal, a Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special with gig bag for an rock bottom $639.95. That’s far better than anything I’ve seen for this guitar.

Gibson’s line of acoustic guitars are pricey, and exceptionally well designed and built. The Outlet Zone has a Gibson SJ200 Studio Acoustic-Electric at an outstanding $2199.95

The Ibanez Exotic Woods series are good playing and sounding guitars that are beautiful. The Ibanez EW200Me Exotic Wood Cutaway Acoustic-Electric for $339.95 is a great deal.

The Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass is sleek and hot. If you can accept it with some scratches and dings, you can save yourself $200 off of one without a scratch of ding. If it doesn’t come scratch I’ll put a few in pretty soon. You can buy this one for  $799.95

The Perfect Bass ( & The Perfect Gutiar (www.the

These two online merchants that appear to the the same store with different online identities, are another quality choice and they don’t offer every brand. But they do have some good offering. I picked out these two amps from their “Scratch & Dent” offerings. When it comes to electronics, scratches and dents mean very little to me if the electronics are intact. I’ll gladly take the discount.

There’s an Orange Micro Crush CR65 with a schmushed box for $89. You’ll probably throw the box away anyway, take the fun little amp and save the money.

Another amp is the very high quality Tech 21 Bronzewood 60 Acoustic Combo Amp (this was a demo) $449.00. That’s a great price for this amp.

If you’ve come across any great deals for guitars, basses or related equipment. Please let me know by posting on this blog or send an email to and I’ll happily post your comments.

If someone plays, or has played the Samick Remngton Greg Bennett design, solid body acoustic bass guitar. I’d love to har your impressions. It seems to be similar in design to my Godin A4 and I’d like to know a bi tmore about it. Thanks for reading. Prof. Dave

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