Why We Support The Free Meal Center

Why We Support The Free Meal Center

Next Sunday, March 4. 2012, John and I are taking our Open Minded Mic act to Flip Flopz in North Wildwood to support Free Meal Center of Cape May County. We employ a small army of dedicated, talented performers to help draw crowds, and in the process, provide fuding for charities that we are connected to or care deeply about: the Free Meal Center is both.

The problem is of hunger in our nation is more widespread than most of us realize. It’s Senior citizens on a fixed budget choosing between food or medicine. It’s single moms who have been abandoned and try to make ends meet on minimum wage job. It’s kids who only get to eat a meal in school, or eat the stuff served in most schools that resembles food; they may not eat all weekend or during breaks in the school year. It could be you, and it could be me.

Does the government need to do something about this? That might make our job easier, but the government is horribly inefficient, wasteful and inundated with procedures and bureaucratic procedures that increase the cost and greatly reduce the benefit.

When we ask our government to do something like this, what we’re saying is that this is a dirty job, I don’t want to do it, you do it and I wash my hands of it. The more we wash our hands of any responsibility to do something about this problem the dirtier our hand get.

The Free Meal Center gives a meal to anyone who shows up and wants one with no questions asked. They’re starting after school programs and tutoring for kids who have parents who can’t afford a tutor. They provide food on weekends too; food is not an option or a luxury. They do all of this and 100% of the money raised, food donated and other resources made available go to the single purpose of supporting the Free Meal Center. There are no country club dues, high priced autos or other perks that are subsidized in the name of charity; it’s all charity.

Since we started Open Minded MIc, we’ve worked with some great organizations including The National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Foundation Fighting Blindness, The Atlantic City Ballet and The Free Meal Center. Different but a common bond in a commitment to help, heal, enlighten and remind us what it really means to be fully human.

Please go to our Home page and click on the link for the Free Meal Center. Join us at Flip Flopz on March4, tickets are only $20 each for the meal and the show.It’s going to be a great time, a great show for a great cause. If you can’t make it there, please donate to the Free Meal Center. No amount is too small and very dollar helps the center’s mission.

I don’t need the services of the Free Meal Center, but in my life I’ve certainly needed help and thank God it was there. Today, let’s be helpful. Please donate.

God Bless, Prof. Dave

What’s your opinion? I’d love to hear from you. Please write to me at dave@openmindedmic.com or reply right on this blog. Thanks, Prof. Dave

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