Open Mic Featuring Ewan Dobson

Okay here we go – another blog.  The same disclaimer applies – if you could care less what I think stop here.

Just have to say a few words about our Open Mic show last night at Maynard’s Café – it was terrific.  Ewan Dobson, the nternationally acclaimed guitarist from Canada performed an extended set and was our featured performer.  Ewan performed last week and graciously agreed to return last night.  Once again he proceeded to blow us all away with his performance.  He is an amazing player who seems to effortlessly glide about the guitar neck, his fingers a blur of activity.  I know, I know that sounds
like a pretty lame description but all I can say is, particularly speaking as a
guitar player – when you watch Ewan Dobson play, you actually can’t believe
what you’re seeing.  He played his 12 string for the first half of the set then switched to a six string – a Fan Fret made by Delaware Luthier Mike Byle.  Ewan starts his USA tour next month followed by a tour in the UK.  If you’ve never seen Ewan perform you can visit him through a link on our Open Minded Mic website or go to youtube and
type in Ewan Dobson.   Trust me – you won’t be disappointed.

Besides Ewan, we had a great lineup of talent on hand last
night.  Joey McGowan, Caesar Vescera, Juni Sabatino, The Vinnys, Maureen Ritzel, Wilson Wong, Marty K, Ella Fowler and Chris Cubler.  These talented singers,
songwriters and musicians filled Maynard’s Café with a sweet vibrant energy
that you just have to experience to understand.  Needless to say we ran overtime but it was okay.

The audience for Open Minded Mic continues to grow.  Every week
I see many familiar faces but also more and more newbies – checking out the
show!  Last night Maynard’s was jammed and from where I was standing it looked like everyone was having a great time.  I’m looking forward to many more!

Alright now this is starting to sound like a commercial and that wasn’t my intent at all so I’ll just sign off for now.


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