Review: Teach Me Bass Guitar

A Review of “Teach Me Bass Guitar” from The Learning Dock

This highly acclaimed instruction program is completely worthy of the high acclaim. Besides beign a musician, I’ve been an educator for almost 40 years, and this is as fine an instructional program as I’ve ever seen in any area of instruction.

About two years ago I developed a problem with my left hand and had trouble with the strings on the guitar so I decided to give bass a try and it was a good choice. The nice, big, chunky strings were a lot more agreeable to me. I knew music and the basics of playing bass, but after a few months I realized that if I wanted to really get to the point of playing at a high level, I needed instruction. I did two very smart things – at the same time no less – I got a bass teacher and bought a copy of “Teach Me Bass Guitar.” Both are indispensable.

Even though I can see where someone could teach themselves bass guitar just by using this program, I still strongly recommend using this program and a bass guitar teacher.

There are a lot of music books, DVD’s, CD’s and other media out there to offer you instruction in playing bass guitar. In my view, the things that make this program unique are the instructor, the breadth and depth of the instruction and some very unique and effective uses of technology.

Roy Vogt, the instructor for this course, is a master bass player with a Masters Degree in Bass Guitar. Very good credentials to start with. Roy has a great way of clearing describing and demonstrating what he wants the student to do and what you need to do to master a particular lesson. In every lesson, Roy plays bass in an ensemble suing the lesson as a basis for playing and then steps aside and lets the student play with the band. Play along isn’t unique to this course, it’s something that’s done in another program that I love and endorse, “Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar” by Legacy Learning. It’s a great tool to enhance the learning.

The material covered is amazing and it seems to cover the full range of skill and knowledge one would need to become an accomplished bassist. One warning, this course doesn’t promise that you crack open the case one day and the next be challenging Marcus Miller or Stanley Clark for bass supremacy – maybe Gene Simmons; I shouldn’t say that. In truth, Gene is a pretty good bass player.

You start playing music immediately and I think that’s important. You gradually begin to learn the notes up and own the neck which is incredibly valuable for playing bass. You go through blues, scales, inversions, learning about major, minor, diminished, augmented and other chords and scales in a progressive fashion so that as your understanding develops, so does your skill so you can deliver the sound you want. You get lessons in power chords, slap, tap, rock, blues, jazz and other genre of music. No matter what music you play, having exposure to different styles and techniques really adds to your bass playing tool box.

There are two technological applications that are unique to Teach Me Bass Guitar: the real time neck and the loop library. The real time neck is a great innovation. As Roy plays his bass, below him on the screen is the model of a bass guitar maple fretboard and as he places his left hand on a string, the fretboard lights up on the string and fret where he placed his finger. Once released, the position remains marked and the next note lights up on the fretboard. This visual enables you  not only see exactly where his finger is, but also gives a great visual of the pattern which is so important to a bass player. This is an excellent innovation.

The other innovation I loved is called the “Loop Library.” For each lesson, you can go to the Loop Library where you can have small segments of a lesson repeated until you advance it so you can really get what was being instructed, practice it and advance. This is particularly valuable in the more complex lessons and spending just a short time with mastering the small chunks helps you to put it all together.

I could not recommend a program more highly than this. You can take a deeper look by clicking on their link on this site. It costs nothing to look.

In this review, I gave a great review of a program that advertises on this site. I make a portion of my income from ads, including Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar and Teach Me Bass Guitar. The ads for these products appear on this web site because I have personally used them, both as a student and teacher and think they represent the best products out there. That’s why when I started this page, and subsequently this blog, I specifically asked them to place ads here and I was very happy when they agreed. These are great programs.

Use this, with a good teacher, and your progress will be amazing: not overnight, but amazing.

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