Review: Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar

What You Can Expect From The Guitar & Bass Self-Instruction Programs.

Laura from Philadelphia wrote to me and asked for some details about what’s in the DVD based learning programs that are featured in the banner ads on this page; specifically, “Learn & Master Guitar” and “Teach Me Bass Guitar.” Today I’ll focus on the Learn & Master series and tomorrow Teach Me Bass Guitar. I’ve used both programs both as a teacher and a student and found them to be a terrific resource for accelerating learning. I don’t agree with the marketing folks of these fine products and strongly belive that a skilled teacher is essential for feedback and direction, but using these programs with a skilled teacher will deliver exceptional results.

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar is an extremely comprehensive program that’s detailed and very logical. It doesn’t attempt to make you an expert performing killer licks within minutes, it’s never that simple, but it does deliver solid lessons, examples and the teacher, Steve Krenz is not only skilled, but lively, informative and very likable.

The program, which has the golden name of “Gibson” attached – golden at least to those of us in the music industry who know what a magnificent lineup of guitars they produce – and true to its namesake, there’s nothing second rate about this. The program takes you from the basics of chords formation, developing hand skill, strumming, ear training, and then explores different styles of playing, lead and improvisation, and understanding the basics of music theory. There are “jamalong” CD’s in the package that give you the opportunity to practice your skills.

If you follow through on this program, you truly can set the foundation for becoming an accomplished guitarist. Included in the $149 package are 20 DVD’s, 5 CD’s, a large, detailed instruction book and access to their web page for additional learning. For my students, I feel it’s a great investment to have this comprehensive package instead of buying a $25 book every couple of months that’s not as informative or helpful. It’s certainly worth checking out so if you’re interested, just click on the “Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar” banner and you’ll be taken to their web page.

Learn & Master has a wide range of such programs, and the programs listed below also have home schooling programs available to make it part of a home school curriculum. When you visit the site, you can also check these programs out:

  • Learn & Master Piano
  • Learn & Master Drums
  • Learn & Master Ballroom Dance
  • Learn & Master Photography
  • Learn & Master Painting
  • Spotlight Series Learn & Master Blues Guitar ($89)
  • Spotlight Series Learn & Master Guitar Setup ($49)

The Spotlight Series programs are shorter and more focused instruction. My advice at this point is simple: click on the banner to Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar. It costs nothing to check it out.

Now that I’ve raved about this product, I’ll state the obvious that this is advertised on this web site and part of the income of Open Minded Mic is revenue from ads. In the case of Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar and The Learning Dock’s “Teach Me Bass Guitar” are ads I sought because I’ve used both of these products both as a teacher and a studnet, thought they were excellent and wanted them represented here.

If you have any comments or reviews of this item, or suggestions for other materials please write to me at or post a reply on this blog. Thanks for reading. Prof. Dave

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