Are You Looking For A VERY Low Priced Acoustic Guitar?

Are You Looking For A VERY Low Priced Acoustic Guitar?

It’s not a sin to go with an inexpensive acoustic guitar because of personal budget restraints, you’re new to playing guitar and don’t want to invest big money until you know you like it, or you want a low priced acoustic to take with on the road and don’t want to take your higher priced gear. There are many other reasons not you may not want to spend a lot on a guitar, but there’s not reason to buy a piece of junk. In the lower price range junk is certainly out there, so beware.


Of the acoustic guitars I recommend in the lower price range, none are made from solid wood; they’re all laminated which is a nice word for plywood. Laminated woods vary widely in qualitLaminated woods vary widely in quality, some are durable with good materials and laminated under high pressure and some vaguely resemble wood.


Here are my low priced acoustic guitar picks:


  • Applause AA13 Mini Bowl Acoustic Guitar sells online everywhere for $149.95 and for the money, it’s a good choice. Applause is the low-priced import line of Ovation and this guitar shares many virtues of its higher priced cousins. The sound is good, playability a cut above and once you get used to the bowl body, it’s very comfortable.
  • Epiphone PR150 Acoustic Guitar sells everywhere for $129.95 and it’s a winner at that price. The guitar looks very nice, the sound quality is good and it’s not hard to play. The construction, fit and finish are surprising in such a low priced guitar.
  • EKO Ranger Acoustic Guitar. EKO?? What’s an EKO? EKO is Europe’s largest guitar maker, but trust me, this model isn’t made in their Italian Custom Shop. I haven’t seen this online at any major music retailer, but I ‘ve seen it in stores and for about $150.00 or so, it’s not bad. Good sound, not as attractive as the Epiphone or Applause, but not a bad finish and good playability. This guitar also has a quick and easy to use adjustment to customize string height without altering the tuning. This is worth taking a look at.
  • Ibanez SGT110VS Sage Series sells for $179.95 at the major online vendors and it’s a very good low-priced choice Ibanez competes well, sometimes leading the pack, in every price range where they compete and in the low cost market, it’s not exception.
  • Jasmine by Takamine S34C is a cutaway that sells online for $129.99 and it’s nice looking, plays decently and sounds good for the price. Takamine makes a huge assortment of acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars and basses and they do well in all markets.


In the lower cost guitars, in spite of my affection for Fender, I don’t care for their low-priced acoustic guitars and feel they sell mostly on the Fender name, not the performance or construction. I also don’t recommend low priced Stagg guitars, Dean, or any brand that sells thorugh stores that have “Mart” in their name or besides selling guitars sells paint, clothing, major appliances, tires, prescription medicine, eye glasses or hearing aids. At these stores the instruments tend to be horrible and nobody at these stores knows how to set them up or even that they need to be set up. Buying a poor quality instrument that’s inadequately adjusted is a fast track to failure in learning to play and an absolute waste of your money.


What’s you opinion? I”d like to hear from you. If you have a low priced guitar you like, let me hear from you or if you disagree with my ideas, be heard. Reply on this blog or send an email to Thanks for visiting. Prof. Dave

One thought on “Are You Looking For A VERY Low Priced Acoustic Guitar?

  1. I’ve come to a point in my life where I can get pretty much any guitar I’d like within reason. I have a couple that are moderatly expensive and I have found no real reason to spend more for a name. I like to collect guitars, and I look for unique and unusual guitars in every area of the market.
    Thhis is an ode to the most unique guitar of them all.
    In 2008 Honer built a bowl back model known as he Eclipse. This model line stayed in production for about a year. I don’t know why production was stopped, whether it was law suits from Ovation or slow sales. The fact remains that these instraments are no longer available.
    What made these guitars so unique was that the bowl back was made from thin strips of alder woven together and set in a mold to form the bowl back. It’s safe to say I’ve seen thousands of guitars over the years and this is the only one I am aware of that is built in this way.
    The results are amazing. This guitar is so much lighter that ovation with the same crisp clearity and punch. Used these are about $350-$400, but trying to find one is tough. After I made the decision to buy one it took me over two months of searching to find one. In the short time that I’ve had this one we have become close friends, and I’m even toying with the idea of selling my Adamas.
    This is the best $350 I’ve spent in a long time.
    Since this is a responce to Daves blog about inexpensive guitars, I’ll end with this thought. When you buy a guitar, listen to the guitar, don’t worry about the name or for that matter the price. Dave and I on one of shopping trips found that the cheaper Seagull guitars had a far more satisfying tone than there all solid wood models.
    Dare to be differnt, Dare to be cheep.